Stop the flu with this DIY Ultraviolet-C iPad Sanitizer and Charger


Our touchscreens are disgusting, and researchers are increasingly turning to UV-C light to disinfect them. UV-C is naturally blocked by the ozone layer, but can be artificially created and it is known to be germicidal. How can we create a convenient way for people such as teachers to disinfect many screens at once?


Using hardware store materials (making them easy for anyone to procure) we can create an enclosed system that bathes screens in UV-C light and charges the devices at the same time! All we need is a box, a UV-C bulb, a power strip, and some elbow grease. Watch the video above for all the details, and click these links to buy the materials I used to create my sanitizer/charger:

Beat the flu with this easy and inexpensive charger and sanitizer!


I also designed this 3D printable iPad stand to sit inside the system. As always, you can download it on Thingiverse or edit it for yourself on OnShape!


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